Deadlocks & Deadbolts A lock which is key operated either side.  –  If a deadlock is installed and an intruders breaks in through a window they must leave via that window as a key is needed to exit through your deadlocked door.

Keyed Alike

Key Alike – Keyed Alike When your one key works multiple locks. – Any good locksmith will offer to key alike all locks or as many as possible which provides you with convenience & increased security.

What is a Locksmith?

A locksmith is a security professional who does a great deal more than “Pick locks on doors”. In fact, except for those locksmiths who specialize in emergency work only, picking locks is NOT a major part of a locksmiths business. A locksmith: Knows how to...

Master Keys & Restricted Key Systems

Master Keys & Restricted Keys allow for a Single Key to access to multiple locked areas with differing locks. Most popular in Commercial applications, Master Key and Restricted Key systems are a way to simplify your security and allow customised access control for...

Rekeying / Locks Rekeyed

Rekeying / Locks Rekeyed / “getting the locks changed” Rekeying is the process of changing out a lock barrel, or modifying the tumbler configuration of a lock barrel, so that it matches a supplied key or new set of keys. In residential terms this process...