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What is a Master Key System?

A Master Key System is generally a group of locks designed to each have an individual key only opening its matching lock and a ‘Master Key’ which can access all locks in the group.

Where would a Restricted Master Key System be used?

Master Key systems can be used anywhere that access by multiple users to different locks is required.

Example of a Master Key System structure:

Tree Diagram of Master Key System Implementation

What are the Pro’s of a Restricted Master Key System?


Staff generally only need one key to enter through a gate, office door, warehouse, padlock as an example

Key control:

As a restricted key has a legal patent on it extra keys cannot be cut by anyone. Keys can only be cut through the initial locksmith who created the system and only with written documentation by the signature holder (ie; manager, business owner)

This also means that there is no need to worry of unauthorised access to you premises if you have a staff turn over once their key has been returned as they did not have authority to get keys duplicated.

Higher Security:

Restricted Key System are resistant to forms of manipulation such as; picking, drilling, bumping and hard blows.


As Restricted key systems require precision to work efficiently they are made with higher grade materials to ensure that your locks & key will last in high traffic areas.


How much does a Restricted Master Key System Cost?

I would like to obtain a quote for a Restricted Master Key System, how can this be done?

It is very difficult to give an over the phone quote so we prefer to meet you on-site to view your current lock hardware, get a clear understanding of what kind of access control you would like then provide you with a more accurate quote / estimate.

Please contact us via email or phone for further information or to obtain a quote.

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